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what is hplc grade water 5

What Is Calibration Curve In Gas Chromatography?

Wondering how the curve calibration works in gas chromatography? Or just looking for nice reading material on chromatography topic?  Then you are in for a treat! To sum it all up – here is a quick answer to the question, “What is a calibration curve in gas chromatography?” Calibration is

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what is hplc test in pregnancy

What is HPLC Test in Pregnancy

Innovations have advanced healthcare through the years. Technologies are not only prolonging but also saving more lives. Science has made it possible to detect disease and avoid it through genetic screening and gene therapy. Laboratories can put HPLC to use to analyze one’s blood for the diagnosis of medical conditions.

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hplc columns everything you should know about them3

What is Column Chromatography? – Definition and Use Guide

Column chromatography is a method of separating and purifying solids and liquids. This is one of the most effective procedures in biotechnology today. Because of its thousands of uses, it is an essential part of laboratories all around the world. In this article, we will walk you through its definition, its

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what is the hplc grade of acetone and acetonitrile?

What is the HPLC Grade of Acetone and Acetonitrile?

Both acetone and acetonitrile are highly used solvents in the biotechnology world. Researchers and scientists use it in pharmaceuticals, the food industry, the makeup industry, etc.  In this article, you will find important information about acetone and acetonitrile. Apart from that, find out how we use both in our labs

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