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my daughter and me

“People don’t care who you are until they know what you care.”


 Back to my story…

Indeed, choosing the appropriate supplier can be time consuming thing, that’s why I created this company. 

You might be curious to know what is your history prior to this?


After graduation, my first job was in a biotechnology company in charge of sales. It’s really fun. I know deepest in my heart that the process of business and interaction with people brings me more happiness and excitement than the products themselves.
There was no surprise when it came to 2011. I started to run a deserving startup business and named it Mastelf, which means to be master of yourself. 

Now, Mastelf has been recognized by over 500 customers from 50 different countries. Fortunately, I am able to achieve financial freedom.

As a father, I will also hustle more to take care of  future business. 


You can also find us on the following social media channels. The story of our journey will continue as we go forward. 


Let us help you and be a part of it.

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