Storage Vial

The polypropylene screw caps with PTFE/silicone septa are extra clean to eliminate sample contamination. Available in amber and clear color.

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Type 33, 51 and 70

Bottom Type

Flat Bottom

Writing Patch



Amber and Clear






Pakkaging in pp tray and plastic film covered



Storage Temperature


Mastelf storage vials are a great choice for storing liquids, solvents/reagents for USP Type 1 glass or soda-lime for routine uses only, and amber vials will be working with light-sensitive liquids. In most circumstances, it’s depending on what kinds of liquids (inert or not ) you’re using.

Specialized vials (including scintillation vial) allow you to comfortably contain radioactive cocktails for liquid scintillation counting. Ideal for use with small and large volumes, available in a choice of substrates and capacities; available with or without caps which also come with chemically resistant liners.


  • What is EPA Vial?- EPA is the short name of the US Environmental Protection Agency. And EPA vial meets the standard of the former that is designed for testing harmful environmental contaminants in water or soil samples. Before we test it, it’s very important to keep the vials clean without dust and any other substances that might disturb the result. Mastelf offers 20, 30, 40,50 and 60ml EPA Vial can meet your requirement, with TOC (Total Organic Carbon) less than <10Ug/LC(<10PPBC).
  • We can provide both open top or solid screw cap depending on different testing applications. And phenolic material cap available for the higher standard of temperature resistance. (autoclavable)


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