Headspace Vial

These vials are available in multiple sizes, from 6mL, 10ml, and 20 mL. We have available for the flat or rounded bottom. In both clear and amber glass, we offer a writing spot for your options.

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Type 33, 51 and 70

Bottom Type

Flat | Round Bottom

Writing Patch



Amber and Clear




Pakkaging in pp tray and plastic film covered


6mL | 10mL | 20mL

Autosampler compatibility


Storage Temperature



ND18 | ND20

Mastelf Headspace vials are made of a superior quality first-rate glass (Type 1) and have a thicker glass wall, which is essentially a better-engineered wall, to withstand higher temperatures and internal pressure. And Headspace GC method is used for analysis, which allows analyzing headspace concentration of volatile gas in a water sample – before and after – coming into contact with water samples – using a known volume of air injected into the vial’s headspace for analysis during shipping or long term storage. Special procedures ensure an adequate purging of all air from the headspace vessel prior to sealing headspaces thus assuring consistent results over time!


Just find the below top added we went over.

  • ND18 Screw – ND18 Precision Screw Vial is a non-deformable vial that uses a precision Screw cap. One simple turn will ensure an airtight seal with the purchase of the original Luer lock or silicone septa closure.
  • ND20 Crimp – ND20 Crimp-on vials need to be crimped with a crimping tool in order to function properly, and cost-effectively with the use of an aluminum cap or stopper for storage uses.
  • Bimetal Cap– The commonly used bimetal cap is designed to be used with the ND20 crimp type, consisting of an aluminum and iron material.
  • How to choose Flat or rounded bottom?-Choosing between flat bottom or round bottom vials matters more than you might think! A flat bottom will usually be used with robotic arm auto-samplers, while round bottoms are usually used with autosamplers that come equipped with an over-the-sample actuation needle. Each bottom style offers its own set of benefits – while a round bottom is self-aligning while it’s placed in the autosampler cartridge holder, a flat bottom may be slightly sturdier when its loaded in/out of racks!


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