Become Our Distributor

Sell our products and generate significant income quickly and make more money in coming seasos.

Distribution Pricing

Mastelf is responsible for providing distributors with marketing material, incentives and support to help maximise sales. Distribution pricing is also commonly a percentage discount off of list price, which means you are able to get special distribution pricing so that gives the distributors room to make a favorable profit from sales of our product.

Exclusive Contract

If new distributors meets our requirements, we’ll set exclusive contract to set sales targets and expectations according to agreeing terms. We trust that a good relationship and a good understanding of each others’ responsibilities will set the foundations for successful, profitable and long term partnership. Welcome to contact us now to be a distributor.

Market Trend

We’re responsible for providing distributors with market trend, incentives and support to help maximise sales. Our distributors could get our firs-hand data and fresh products to penetrate the market before other enters. Ultimately this can really help you get our new product design to market quickly making your business more profitable.

Priority Services

We understand how to maintain and set the foundations for successful, profitable and long term partnership with our distributors are important. We are also able to set priority service such as storage and logistics. To add to the benefit of extended storage space and logistics, our distributor could move products quickly and cost effectively.

How To Become Our Distributor

With the developing demand of our enterprise, we are looking forward to more qualified business partners attending our career together.

There should be a limited in number your region to ensure your market share and advantages of competitiveness. We will choose one from a comprehensive assessment of your contact by priority, sales revenue, experience, and credit as our long-term distributor partner in your region. And you will have opportunities to become our distributors as per previous excellent performance.

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