Become Our Distributor

Sell our products and generate significant income quickly and make more money in coming seasos.

How To Become Our Distributor

Now with developing demand of our enterprise, we are looking forward more qualitified business partners to attend our career together.

There should be limited in number at your region to ensure your market share and advantages of competitiveness. We will choose one from comprehensive assessment of your contact by priority, sales revenue, experience and credit as our long term distributor partner at your region. And you will have opportunities to become our distributors as per previous excellent performance.


We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team. Here you can find the right person in the right position. We are here ready to help you.

Kalvin Chen
Kalvin ChenCEO & Founder
Hellen Yang
Hellen YangSales Manager
Blue Lee
Blue LeeFinance & Accounting
Newt Xie
Newt XieSales Engineer
Yuki Jie
Yuki JieSales Engineer
Christina Su
Christina SuDesigner