Autosampler Vials for HPLC, GC and MS

Mastelf Autosampler Vials made from borosilicate glass meet ASTM Type I Class A and USP Type I standards, which makes your laboratory more efficient by reducing costs and saving time. And perfect fit Agilent, Waters, Varian and Shimadzu Instruments.

  • Screw Snap & Crimp – 3 types neck available

  • Inserted Vial – Conical style design at the bottom

  • V Vial – V Vials® are ideal for small scale reactions, centrifugation, storage, packaging and shipping of vital samples.

  • Plastic Vial – Inserted PP vial available


Full set of PTFE silicone septa is good chice for excellent solvent resistance and chemical compatibility and Ideal for use in MS applications. Pre-slit Septa provides adequate venting to preventacuum formation in sample vial. Amber vial is good for compound sample storage in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and scientific research laboratory.

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Headspace Screw & Crimp Vials

These beveled neck vials are available in both 6mL, 10 mL and 20 mL capacities, flat or rounded bottom.

  • Screw – Screw headspace vial is easy to use, no need to use tool

  • Crimpsqueeze the septum between the rim of the glass vial and the crimped aluminum cap.

  • Magnetic – Screw and crimp type available

All headspace vials are manufactured to provide uniform glass thickness, which insures even heat distribution for consistent sampling reliabity. All vials perfect meet or exceed OEM instrument manufactures’ specification.

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EPA Storage Vials

With four vial capacities available in clear or amber glass, Mastelf vials are ideal for sampling or storage. Our Teflon-lined storage caps offer broad chemical resistance –the ultimate in glass closures. The polypropylene screw caps with PTFE/silicone septa are extra clean to eliminate sample contamination.

  • Sealed – Vacuum used well

  • Resistance– Excellent solvent resistance and chemical compatibility

  • Grade – EPA and VOA grade

Available in amber and clear color. Open top cap and solid cap available.

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Syringe Filter

Mastelf syringe filters have been widely applied to HPLC sample preparation, routine QC analysis, dissolution testing, food analysis, biofuel analysis and environmental samples.

  • Individual- Individual packing available

  • Sterile – Sterile syringe filter available

  • OEM– OEM design available

Mastelf provides high quality syringe filters, well packed and offered at a fair and competitive price.

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GL45 Bottle, Test Tube & Centrifuge Tube etc.

Mastelf will be constantly investigate and research market to decide develope new products. These will be our on-gong project each year.

  • GL45 Bottle – GL45 bottle and safetly cap available

  • Test Tube – All kinds of sizes available

  • Centrifute Tube –Provides kinds of common type micro centrifuge and centrifuge tube.

New products are also led to new market challenge and opportunity for our customers. We are more than happy to help find something new and help your sales next year.

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