Lite reading about the histroy of founder and Mastelf

I still remember when I was a child, my father asked me what you want to be when you grow up? I said to be a businessman. So I even decided to choose International Trade as my major. Luckily, my dream comes true when had my board on college’s career.

You might be interested to know why I choose HPLC vials as my startup?
Of course, I approach my first job came across HPLC sales after graduation. I really love it. And the deepest in my heart I know is the procedure of business, communication face to face brings me more happiness and excitement more than the product itself.

Naturally, when the time came to 2011. I started to run a deserving little business in the east of China, located in Hangzhou, and named company Mastelf, which means to be master of yourself. Sounds cool! right?

We’re not a charity. I hate to miss out on every coin lose in my pocket. Take it easy, you are already on my target list. (joking, don’t get me wrong.) Yes, I had a vision for my business that was giant and good and worthwhile– not merely for me, but for my customers as well.

Mr. Park, from South Korea. My business partner, also a good friend since my startup of mastelf 2011. Korean is respectable and very cautious about every piece of point. If you work with them, you must keep a 100% spirit.

One day, Mr.Park told me he found two hairs and three-piece of dust in autosampler Cap. I was thrown off guard, but I told him I will replace all of the caps and no more happen in the future. I’m true to my word. After years I went to Korea, Park said he was happy to work with me because no more worries from customers, since then that’s the only complaint ever.