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Mastelf company was established since 2007 year, its managing director always focus on high quality but affordable price laboratory products provide to their customers from institute, government, university, cosmetics, pharmaceutical end-users and marketing distributors who establish a long-term partnership with mastelf company, we are happy with our partners.

Now with developing demand of our enterprise, we are also looking forward more qualitified business partners to attend our career together. Trust high quality but affordable products can meet your customers.


There should be limited in number at your region to ensure your market share and advantages of competitiveness. We will choose one from comprehensive assessment of your contact by priority, sales revenue, experience and credit as our long term distributor partner at your region. And you will have opportunities to being promoted as agency based on previous excellent performance.


There are strictly limited in number and only allowed to operate in a specific state or region. You will act as our authorised representative from your allowed region, and perform all functions of sales promotion, brand reputation, sale channel developing and strategies executing for our products, and the of most importance for maintain and serving customers in your region to rise sales revenue.

We commit to provide best design of comprehensive & innovative commodities and attractive cooperation conditions that gives our partner a perpetual share of revenue and succeed.


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Over the 10 years, Mastelf through innovation design,stable quality, efficient operating procedures and perfect service, ensure customers occupy & create sales record, also have a keen sense of smell to the market, keep continuously improve our product quality and production efficience.

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